Service Reminders

We are happy to offer this maintenance reminder service to anyone who would like to receive complimentary service reminders via email. It's very simple to use.

Preventative Maintenance Reminders

Simply enter the date your units were last serviced and you will receive an email as a reminder to call and schedule your next maintenance with your trusted HVAC/R partner, Samsun Mechanical, Inc.

HVAC Clients: May choose an email reminder every 6 months. Our recommendation is every fall and spring.

Refrigeration Clients: May choose email reminders between 3 month or 6 month intervals.

Filter Reminders

Simply enter the date your air filter(s) were last changed and choose an email reminder for either 1 month, 6 month or 1 year intervals. This service can be utilized for those do-it-yourselfers out there, or for our corporate clients. Either way, it is serving as a reminder totake proper care of your equipment, extending the longevity of your investment. Call your trusted HVAC partner to order your filters or to schedule your filter replacement on site.


Please select the email reminders you wish to sign up for. You can remove yourself from this service at any time. You will receive ZERO spam as a result of utilizing this complimentary service.

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    Preventative Maintenance Reminders

    Samsun Mechanical recommends HVAC service every 6 months. We'll remind you 6 months from the above date.


    Filter Reminders


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