Founded in 1986 and centrally headquartered in Indianapolis, Samsun Mechanical provides sales, installation, and service expertise to meet the commercial refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and energy management system needs of businesses throughout Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Our 24-hour emergency response service extends to our central Indiana service area.

Exterior picture of Samsun Mechanical headquarters.

A Word from Our President

History takes us back more than 35 years to 1986 when my husband and I founded Samsun Mechanical, Inc. At that time, the company with whom I was employed for 14yrs moved operations overseas and Sam was engaged in the Mechanical Contracting Industry running a Refrigeration Division at a local enterprise; which was seeking to focus its efforts more towards its Electrical division. Being at a crossroad, and seeing a need and growth opportunity for more Mechanical Contractors in our region, he and I decided it was time to pursue our dreams of opening our own business.

From our humble beginnings working out of our home and a rented storage unit to now operating as not only one of the largest independent service businesses in Indiana, but one that is also now certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise through multiple certifying agencies, I am proud and honored to lead the next generation here at Samsun Mechanical.

Our commercial refrigeration, HVAC, and EMS installation and service work is mechanical contracting and construction at its best. The ways we work with one another and with every customer is based on a strong foundation of values, including respect, transparency, and integrity. If your business is interested in partnering with one of the strongest names in the Refrigeration/HVAC sector, then we look forward to hearing from you.

Viola Ferge

President, Samsun Mechanical

Why Choose Samsun Mechanical

Any business is only as strong as the physical systems undergirding their core operations. Whether it’s a grocery store, a manufacturing facility, or a restaurant, they are all dependent to some extent upon high-functioning commercial refrigeration and/or HVAC equipment. No supermarket or food service operation can survive without refrigeration. And no company of any kind will last long without their HVAC system doing its job. In some cases, these systems are rarely even thought about, right up until they stop working.


At Samsun Mechanical, our mission is straightforward: To continually grow long-term relationships with new and existing customers, our employees, and the broader community through professional installation and service of commercial refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy management system products. Our core values and our expertise speak for themselves:



We are stronger when we actively pursue diversity throughout our company.


Samsun Mechanical puts respect front-and-center in both the workplace and our work with every customer.


Being honest and open about our work with each other and our customers is the key to accountability.


Grounded in ethical business practices to benefit customers and employees is the cornerstone of everything we do.

Commercial Refrigeration

We’ll design and install the system you need. We can also service all existing makes and models.


Commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation system design, installation, and service keeps your business humming under optimal conditions.


If it’s time to get a better handle on your energy costs and transparency, we have the energy management system products you need.

24-Hour Service

Rapid response emergency service throughout central Indiana is only a phone call away at 800-440-3431.

The values we mention above aren’t just lip service. They’re how we’ve built our company and our reputation to the incredible success it is today—35 years and counting! We deliver on our promises from the first contact we have with a client to long after any given job is complete.

In addition to our stellar team of experts and our tireless focus on excellence in customer service, we also stay on the cutting edge of innovation in our industry by keeping up with industry developments through a variety of trade associations, as well as staying ahead of the curve on all the different platforms available today for HVAC/R/EMS. When you work with Samsun Mechanical, you’ll benefit from the fresh ideas and latest technologies we’ll bring to the table.

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