Supermarkets, restaurants, and other food service operations rely on a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment to keep food and food products chilled to just the right temperature.

Samsun Mechanical specializes in sales, installation, maintenance, and repairing of both direct and indirect refrigeration systems and equipment.

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Refrigeration 101:Indirect or Direct?

In cooling systems the distribution of refrigeration can be either direct or indirect.

Indirect refrigeration (also called secondary refrigeration) has gained popularity in supermarkets. A refrigerant needs to be delivered from the “machine room” where the primary cooling system is located to all the various display cases for various fresh, frozen, and packaged food products. The machine room system will use one refrigerant to generate cold (and it might be one you wouldn’t want circulating throughout a public place), which is then transferred to a secondary, safer refrigerant that is piped to the display cases all over the store where cooling is needed.

A direct refrigeration system, as you can probably figure out, doesn’t rely on a secondary refrigerant but instead uses the primary refrigerant to directly transfer the cold into the area that needs to be cooled. Direct refrigeration systems, also known as a centralized direct expansion (DX) system, continues to be dominant in the supermarket industry.

At Samsun Mechanical, our expertise covers both direct and indirect commercial refrigeration equipment and cooling systems. Whether you are choosing a system for energy efficiency, or to reach environmental or sustainability goals, we can help.

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Types of SystemsFor Commercial Refrigeration

There are a number of different kinds of cooling systems to meet your commercial refrigeration needs. We will work with you to determine what system would be best suited to your facility and the specific application needed. Here are some of the common types of refrigeration systems:

These are centralized cooling systems in compact arrangements to take up as little space as possible inside a building but able to deliver the cold where it needs to go. The parallel rack is common in supermarkets because multiple compressors work together using the same refrigerant bank. There will tend to be two different groups of compressor racks—one for freezing temperatures (low-temp) and one for refrigeration temperatures (medium-temp).

Same approach as above but built to be installed outdoors in order to save on space inside a facility. Both ground-level and rooftop installations are possible.

This type of system is usually for one case or cooler. It utilizes one compressor and one or two condenser fans. Many stores or restaurants will have a few on these depending on how much or how many coolers/freezers they have. These systems are usually located in close vicinity to the equipment it is cooling and are typically located outdoors. Both ground-level and rooftop installations are possible.

Using fluid instead of air, and because the fluid is usually water, these systems are mostly installed indoors, and they are highly efficient.

These may be horizontal or vertical, but the idea is to have a standalone refrigeration unit that is compact enough to be placed on or near the spaces or cases being refrigerated. Rather than being centralized like a parallel rack, these units can be placed throughout the store to reduce installation costs. The condensers for these units are typically located outdoors.

When it comes to specific refrigerated display cases and equipmentOur expertise includes the following:
  • Product Display Cases: Bakery, Beverage, Dairy, Meat, Service Meat & Deli,
  • Produce, Seafood, Cheese, Beer/Wine
  • Reach-in Freezer Door Cases
  • Reach-in Refrigerated Door Cases
  • Cold Prep Tables
  • Walk-in Coolers/Freezers
  • Blast Chillers
  • Island Freezers
  • Ice-cream Chest Freezer
  • Ice Machines
  • Vending Machines

It’s also worth mentioning that the operation of refrigeration systems produces heat. This heat is typically exhausted to the outside but can also be utilized as a heating function when needed during colder months for heating the interior of a store or building.

Commercial RefrigerationInstallation Services

Whether it’s cooling systems or refrigeration equipment such as display cases, Samsun Mechanical can advise companies on the right products for each application and facility, get the equipment for you, and get it installed with our team of expert technicians. The installation division at Samsun Mechanical is available to work on installation projects throughout Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana we are in the center of the Crossroads of America. Indiana’s hub of several major highways criss-crossing our great state makes it feasible for our company to serve additional markets for installations in other states. Our commercial refrigeration installations include supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and food service operations, but also various industrial, warehousing, and laboratory facilities.

Emergency Commercial RefrigerationServices in Central Indiana

Commercial refrigeration systems are critical to the businesses and companies that use them, which is why Samsun Mechanical does offer 24/7 rapid response emergency services to quickly fix malfunctioning systems or equipment to resolve the problem and resume operations as rapidly as possible. If your store or facility is located within a two to three hour drive of our Indianapolis headquarters, we will be happy to serve as your go-to emergency commercial refrigeration partner.

Commercial RefrigerationPreventative Maintenance Services in Indiana

Samsun Mechanical offers preventative maintenance solutions for commercial refrigeration systems. The goal of preventative maintenance is to help prevent issues before they become an issue. For example, a dirty condenser can cause a compressor to short cycle on its high pressure switch, which can cause a compressor to fail prematurely; or a defective fan motor can cause a refrigerated case to ice up if the unit is not getting proper air flow. Help us help you to maintain your system as it was designed by contacting us for a preventative maintenance quote. Henry Ford once said that “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” The same principle goes with preventative maintenance: “Stopping maintenance to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

A Trusted PartnerFor Commercial Refrigeration Indianapolis, Indiana and Beyond

In addition to commercial refrigeration, Samsun Mechanical also offers sales, installation, service, and maintenance on HVAC systems and EMS (energy management system) equipment. Backed by decades of experience and excellent customer service, we invite you to experience what it’s like to work with a trusted partner who goes the extra mile on your behalf.

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