Any commercial building located in or around Central Indiana needs a HVAC system for indoor temperature control to provide heat during the colder months of the year and air-conditioning during the warmer months. Indoor climate control is important to customers, clients, employees and building tenants.

Samsun Mechanical’s team of experts can install and help maintain nearly any type of HVAC system, including designing entire systems for new construction projects.

Large, roof-based commercial air conditioning units.
Business owners throughout Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin

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Samsun Mechanical:A Trusted Commercial Air Conditioning Partner

Samsun Mechanical has been assisting businesses and commercial buildings across the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area and beyond to meet their heating, cooling, refrigeration, and energy management system (EMS) needs since 1986. We know our way around HVAC equipment, refrigeration options, and EMS products because of hard-earned expertise developed over decades of dedicated, excellent service to area business owners across a wide range of industry types. From sales and installation to maintenance and repairs, we provide all the HVAC services your company will ever need.

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Types of HVAC Systems:Which One is Right for You?

If your commercial building or business needs a reliable HVAC system to provide air conditioning during the summer, there are a wide variety of systems available on the market today. Samsun Mechanical will work with you to determine which of the following types of HVAC systems is right for your facility:

  • Rooftop Packaged System
  • Air-Cooled Chiller
  • Water-Cooled Chiller
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air Solution
  • Evaporative-Cooling with Humidifier
  • Make-Up Air Handler
  • Split System
  • Non Self-Contained Split Systems
  • Self-Contained System
  • VRF and Ductless Systems
  • Self-Contained Unit Ventilator
  • Water source heat pump

Installation of CommercialAir Conditioning Equipment

Samsun Mechanical has decades of experience conducting installation of commercial air conditioning HVAC systems and equipment. Our role can range from general contractor to subcontractor for a wide range of facilities, including supermarkets, industrial spaces, retail stores, convenience stores, medical laboratories, office buildings, churches, and restaurants. Specific services we provide for installation include design/build, energy upgrades/DOE Compliance, new construction, performance contracting, renovation, retrofit, tenant finishes and turnkey. The installation division at Samsun Mechanical does system installations throughout Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

24/7 Emergency ServiceWhen Needed

If your facility is located within a two to three hour drive of Samsun Mechanical headquarters in Indianapolis, you can have peace of mind with our rapid response emergency service to ensure any malfunctioning air conditioning HVAC equipment is fixed and back up and running as quickly as possible. When you need us most, our expert technicians will be there.

Preventive Maintenance of CommercialAir Conditioning Indiana

While you can count on Samsun Mechanical to quickly address emergency situations, our decades of experience reveals the critical importance of regular, preventive maintenance of your commercial air conditioning and HVAC equipment to proactively identify problem areas before they become an emergency. Regular maintenance services will also keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and extend its useful life. Think of proactive maintenance as a cost-savings measure by avoiding emergency repairs and getting more out of your existing equipment over a longer life cycle.

A Full ServicePartner for Commercial Air Conditioning

With a full range of services related to HVAC, refrigeration, and EMS equipment, deep expertise developed over decades of experience, and excellent customer service for every client, we invite you to experience what a difference it makes to work with a trusted partner such as Samsun Mechanical.

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